Do I need a permit to hand out promo samples/ do a flashmob/ sell charity ribbons?

Yes. The Bylaws of the Square prohibit any commercial activity, performances, sporting displays, displaying exhibits (etc) without a permit. Even if the activity is only short (such as a 5 minute flashmob), the activity requires a permit.

Can I hand out samples or do promotions on the sidewalk surrounding the Square?

No. The City of Toronto Bylaws prohibit commercial activity from being conducted on any of the sidewalks surrounding the Square.

How do I get access to the screens around the Square?

In 2017, we introduced 10 new screens in the Square. For more information regarding screen usage, click here. YDS does not control the screens surrounding the Square. For the contact information of surrounding screen operators, visit here.

How much does it cost to do an event at the Square?

It depends what you want to do! Aside from the fixed permit fee amount, everything else depends on how long your event is, what you’re planning (as that helps dictates staffing levels), how much has to be set up, what equipment is being used etc. YDS staff cannot do estimates over the phone, nor can we give estimates for events that haven’t applied for a date at the Square. Once we’ve found a date for you, your Event Coordinator will help prepare an estimate for you.

Can I book the Square for a half day rental?

At this time the Square does not offer discounted permit fee rates for half day use of the Square, but if your event is only 10am to 2pm, you can still book the Square (you just have to pay the full permit fee rate).

Do you have demographics and traffic information?

Yes! Click here.

Can I come on site to photograph/film something?

As the Square is a public space, personal photographs and videos are fair game! Commercial photography/film shoots are a different story however and you must obtain an event permit to be on site. This includes anything that has a “set-up” or could impede or interfere with another possible event. At this time the Square does not offer special rates for photography or film shoots.

News teams, weather reporting, and all other forms of ENG (Electronic News Gathering) do not require a permit. If you are interested in coming on site for a reason like this please contact info@ydsquare.ca to discuss availability and ease of access.

What information do I need to put in my application form? What if I don’t know the details of my event yet?

Please be as detailed as possible in your application so it is clear what the general idea is. Bookings are not first come first served, so include as much info as possible so we know what you’re looking to do. We will need the concept and basic details of the proposed event before we will allocate a date.

Provide as much flexibility as possible in the dates as possible, you can use the Notes field to add more dates or info about dates if you need to. Having some flexibility makes it easier for us to find a date in the calendar for your event. It is not necessary for the start and end times to be exact, a guesstimate is fine.

Why does your calendar make it look like a date is available, but then I’m told that it’s not?

Our online calendar is kept as up to date as possible. However there are many reasons why we may have to wait to post an event online, it may be that the event host has requested it be confidential until they’re ready to launch or send out press releases, or we may be waiting for a little more information from the event. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Can I propose to my girlfriend/boyfriend on the Square? Can I have engagement photos taken?

If you are planning a simple down on one knee sort of proposal then of course! If you are looking for something dramatic, involving props or a cast of many people, then you would need to book the Square as if you were doing an event (which you are!), as it may impede our event executions. If it's just you, your partner and a ring then that's no problem. Personal photographs are allowed to be taken in the Square, but you have to work around the events and the general public, you can't section off an area or impede the activities of the Square. If you need props or lighting equipment (etc) then you will need to book the Square for a photo shoot (there are costs associated). For more information on photography and film shoots, please click here.