Yonge-Dundas Square has recently installed some new screens, and wants to give Canadian artists an opportunity to exhibit their art work on a digital level. If you are interested in submitting your artwork for consideration, please email us at with the following:

 We are only accepting static images of artwork at this time. 

 • An image of your art work in the following dimensions: 448 pixels x 483 pixels

• An image of your art work  in the following format: JPEG

• Title of your work

• Your name/phone number/email

• Your artistry website

• Your Instagram handle

• A brief artist bio/statement up to 150 words

 *We appreciate all applicants efforts and interest, only those selected will be contacted.



As the Square is a public space, personal photographs and videos are fair game! Commercial photography/film shoots are a different story however and you must obtain an event permit to be on site. This includes anything that has a “set-up” or could impede or interfere with another possible event. At this time the Square does not offer special rates for film shoots.

News teams, weather reporting, and all other forms of ENG (Electronic News Gathering) do not require a permit. If you are interested in coming on site for a reason like this please contact Natalie Belman, Manager of Events & Partnerships, at to discuss availability and ease of access.


On days with no scheduled events, we invite our fantastic team of street performers to come down and liven up the Heart of the City! We have jugglers, unicycles (6 foot unicycles of fear and intrigue!), flying cabbages, talented musicians and plenty of laughs for audiences of all ages.

Here's the thing though, our buskers have to play friendly with the buskers across the street, our surrounding local businesses and everyone else doing stuff and enjoying the neighbourhood. That means managing volume levels. We want performers who can do good size circle shows, but who are not audible all the way up Yonge Street (or even the back of the Square) - musicians included. If you are looking to draw people from Bloor Street to your show, we're going to have a problem, so take note, you will be given one warning for being too loud then (for the good of the program, our relationships with our neighbours and the sanity of the people just trying to eat their lovely sandwich on the Square) your permit will be revoked. Sounds fair, right?

Permits will be issued for the period April 4, 2019 - April 3, 2022.

Submissions will be accepted throughout the year until such time as our roster of performers is full. Please make sure you have completed all aspects of the application, and signed the declaration at the end. No money is required upon submission, as not all applications will be accepted. Please also ensure that you will be able to provide the insurance requirements (including type of insurance and additional insureds) should your application be successful! Policies can be emailed to, faxed to 416 979 8836, or mailed to 2 Carlton Street, Suite 1707, Toronto, M5B 1J3.


*Yonge-Dundas Square does not accept unsolicited proposals from vendors. If you are interested in being a food vendor at a third party event, that must be organized directly through the event and unfortunately, due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to provide contact information for our event organizers, further to what is outlined in our calendar of events.