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For questions about organising an event at the Square please contact the Management office directly (not our publicists, they'll just send you back to us!) at info@ydsquare.ca or 416 979 9960 x 151


2017 Press Releases

YDS Lunchtime Live Press Release April 19 2017

YDS Indie Fridays Press Release  2017 

 YDS City Cinema Press Release  2017 

If you are one of our affiliates or sponsors and qualify to display your logo or banner ad on our site please read the following (or point your graphic designer to this page).

About Your Banner

If you have questions about your banner (if you don't see it or believe it looks wrong in any way) contact us at graphics@ydsquare.ca.

Banner Specifications

We can create a banner from any graphics you choose to send to us but... if you would like to create your own banner please use the following specifications.

Our banners are always 100 pixels wide with three possible heights:

1.  large banner = 100 pixels wide by 250 pixels high.

2. large banner with description at the top (as in "our media sponsor") = 100 pixels wide by 220 pixels high.  (We'll do the graphic element for the top description ourselves.)

3. small banner = 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.


On our web site we often have occasion to display sponsor logos in the context of specific information items.  (For example, our page on the "Gospel Challenge" includes a sponsor logo for "Vision TV.")  We will find the necessary graphics to present these logos but if you wish to send us your logo please send us a version that is 100 pixels wide by any necessary height.

File formats

Banners and logos can be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format.  Or you can send us a TIFF file or Photoshop file and we will convert it.  There is no specific file size limit.  Just try to keep it as small as you can.

Where to send the graphics

Send the graphic files (one at a time, zipped or "stuffed") to graphics@ydsquare.ca.


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